Registration for 2019 races will open sometime in November of 2018!

Refund, Transfer and Deferral Policy: S**t happens and we understand that! We strive to be one of the best race series in the business so with that we want to offer one of the best refund and transfer policies out there! Scroll past the registration buttons to check it out!

The below policy took effect on June 1, 2018:

Registration, Transfer and Deferral Policy: Because we care about our runners and we know that life and injuries happen, we are proud to offer the following refund and transfer policy:
1. In advance of 60 days before the race, we allow a one time deferral to any race later in the calendar year, or a race in the following calendar year. You may only use the deferral option once (i.e. you cannot ask for a second deferral after the first one is completed). You must request deferral to a specific race (we will not provide a generic comp code).
2. In advance of 45 days before the race, we will provide a 50% credit to registration of a future race good for a single use. Once used it cannot be used again. You must ask for credit to a specific race (we will not provide a generic discount code).
3. In advance of 30 days before the race, we will allow a registration transfer to another  runner. To complete the bib transfer you must email us letting us know the name and email address of the runner being replaced and the runner who will be replacing you. The new runner must complete an online registration form and will be provided a comp code to register. We will not refund your entry, you are responsible for arranging for and receiving compensation from the runner taking your place. YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR BIB TO AN UNREGISTERED RUNNER!
4. A runner may choose to drop from the marathon to an earlier half marathon provided that the request is made in advance of 30 days of the half marathon date (i.e. if the marathon is June 30th and the half is June 16th, the request must be made by May 17th). The runner will not be refunded the cost difference between the two races.
5. All entry fees are non-refundable. We will not provide registration fee refunds under any circumstance.
6. All requests must be made via email.