Why the heCK not?

Test your inner “runhole” and challenge your endurance by tackling our multi-event challenges. We can assure you that “committing” to multiple events is no easy challenge, but what fun is a challenge if it’s easy?!? Your heroic efforts will be rewarded with some super sexy extra swag, and the bragging rights of completing endurance feats that few others choose to take on. As if that isn’t cool enough, we’ll even give you the opportunity to save a little money, because who doesn’t love that? Run more + pay less = Super Awesome!


“The Double Date” - Test your ability to double up and take on the double date. Run both half marathons to earn a double date medal. 5% off entry fees!

“Fully Committed” - Like choosing to dive in to a relationship, running two marathons takes a butt load of commitment. Go “all in” and run both marathons to earn a bonus medal. 5% off entry fees!

“Spending the Weekend Together” - We love when our runners come and spend the whole weekend with us. Run the half and the full in the same weekend to earn a sweet bonus medal. 5% off entry fees!

“Going All The Way” - We’ll let you interpret this one for yourself. If you want to really impress us and go all the way, you should consider running both half marathons AND both full marathons. Do this and we will give you a super cool award. 10% off entry fees!

“Til Death Do Us Part” - Marriage is a long term commitment, and so is taking on the challenge to run all five of our races. We hope this challenge doesn’t take you to your grave, but if it does…you can be buried in your super sexy Cascade Super Series hoodie that you will earn for completing all 5 of our races. 10% of entry fees!

*Challenges may not be combined, you will only receive the award for the challenge for which you are registered. For example, those registered for “Going All The Way” will not receive the bonus medals for “The Double Date,” “Fully Committed,” and “Spending the Weekend Together.”